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Our partners and sponsors are passionate about their involvement with ATP, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have their support. Because of their generosity, we’re able to reach hundreds of professionals and bring them together in a massive network for all of Atlanta. Each sponsor and partner continues to make a positive impact, helping professionals all over this city become more connected and continue to grow their knowledge.

Our events wouldn’t be possible without the corporate underwriting and support of corporations. Because of their generosity toward our cause, we salute all of our corporate partners with our heartfelt thanks.

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It's Easy To Become A Sponsor

If your organization is not a sponsor or a member, but you use this site and/or have attended ATP events in the past, please consider sponsoring ATP or joining ATP as a member and help us share the cost of bringing professionalism to a new level of connection. We thank you for your continued interest in and support of ATP.

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We have a wide variety of Sponsor packages

We know not all sponsorship opportunities are for everyone, so we’ve made sure to provide a wide variety of options for anyone interested in becoming an ATP Sponsor. Take a look!

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