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is excited to be apart of Inspiredu, formerly PowerMyLearning Atlanta’s journey. Since 2007, PowerMyLearning has worked to help bridge the digital divide in Atlanta’s underserved communities. As of July 2020, PowerMyLearning Atlanta is now an independent 501©(3) nonprofit focused on providing opportunities to address adult digital literacy, support the STEM career pipeline and serve through a collaborative community approach year-round.

Power My Learning

Inspiredu’s mission is to help underserved youth develop the skills needed for education and career success through technology‐based learning tools and engagement activities with their families, communities, and schools. With the vision be a key connector that drives digital inclusion and literacy for the Greater Atlanta Area’s families, communities, and schools so they can enable the future readiness of underserved youth. ATP Cares joins Inspiredu in their commitment to making a direct impact on young scholars and their families through unwavering, boots-on-the-ground efforts. While there is still so much more to be done, ATP Cares will continue to champion their cause to support meaningful and sustained change for equality.

With the help of ATP Cares’ “Power Through” campaign, Inspiredu was instrumental in providing laptops to children in light of unexpected school closures due to COVID-19. They will continue to be an asset for the coming school year. Inspiredu also addresses adult digital literacy, supports the STEM career pipeline and serves through a collaborative community approach year-round. As an organization that supports career growth through our personal and professional connections, ATP is grateful for the future technologists Inspiredu will help create.

“As a proud partner of Inspiredu, we are driving awareness to close the digital divide and improve digital inclusion and literacy for both students and adults in their pursuit of education and work preparedness.”

Becky Cole

Director, ATP Cares


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