Build Technology Group

Every Superhero has an origin story…

Ours begins when opportunity met experience and desire. Born from a private consulting opportunity in an organization designed to retain top talent and the aspirations of investors and entrepreneurs to build and design creative, cutting edge software. Build Technology Group soon out grew the original parameters of their humble beginnings and has gone on to develop, design and manage some of the busiest and most popular e-commerce web sites in America.

Whether working with an investor, multi-million dollar corporation or penny-pinching entrepreneur, we begin with a vision. By leveraging partnerships and showing investors positive ROI, BTG has grown into a multinational web development shop with offices in India, Greece, and Romania. Headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia and staffed by elite web development professionals from around the US, BTG continues to take on new challenges; large and small, in an effort to rid the world of poor design, broken links and sub-par development service.

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