There is no better way to begin building your network than by getting involved and volunteering with ATP. ATP is a volunteer-run organization that relies on high energy, committed volunteers to create, market, and host our monthly and signature events. 

Committee Volunteers

Our committee volunteers are responsible for both providing insights and taking on individual tasks to achieve committee goals. This typically includes a year-long cohort that meets periodically as needed. 

Event Volunteers

Our event volunteers commit time to work on a specific event, as opposed to an ongoing Committee.

Volunteer Options

We have many options for you to become engaged and would be happy to discuss the best role for you! Interested volunteers are always welcome to reach out.


Help with social, events, signage, creative… you name it.  The opportunities are as diverse as you can imagine.


Email management, sales technologies, finance systems, web, and cloud… where would you like to help out?


Do you like selling?  Do you know a lot of people?  Would you like to?  Maybe you want to help with the sales process or messaging.

ATP Cares

Maybe you like the give-back to Atlanta part of our mission?  Would you like to help amplify that? Then ATP Cares is for you.


Golf is an ATP Premier event held each year in May.  Drive carts, greet guests, help sponsors get to and from the course… and have fun while doing it.


Gala is our other premier ATP Event that happens every year in late Fall.  Check guests into the event, help with logistics, communicate and – with our new casino theme – play a bit with top technology professionals.

Ready to Volunteer?

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Volunteers,
Clint Casteel at info@atpconnect.org or click below.

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