What's great about ATP? Review Sponsorship Options

Why Sponsor?


Gain Industry Insight

Stay on top of industry news by seeing what your network is up to at a glance.

Get Your Brand Out There

Create a unique experience that will start at the event and live beyond it.

Support Local Organizations

Help preserve one-of-a-kind businesses with distinctive character.

Face Time With Prospects & Peers

In-person visits open doors for selling opportunities that emails miss out on.

Build Your Network

Build strong networks by linking your neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships.

Swap Ideas Not Just Cards

A good idea discussion makes you so much more memorable than just a card.

Hear Patrick Hiller’s Story

“It’s organizations like ATP that could be the difference maker in expanding our presence in the Atlanta market.”

Patrick Hiller

Patrick Hiller

CEO, Cumberland Group

Spend thresholds from our Signature and Monthly Events

Become a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Sponsor with additional benefits by meeting the below spend thresholds from our Signature and Monthly Events.





CIO Golf Tourney Social Cart

We believe in long-term relationships with our partners. Our packages are designed to provide value to both sponsors and members of the ATP community consistently, over time.

A brief description of Annual Sponsorship packages:

  • Discounted $15 Monthly Event member rate for all employees
  • E-mail promotions to 3,000+ Members
  • Expand your network and make connections that can lead to new business opportunities
  • Align your company message with relevant, quality content delivered through first-class events
  • Gain exposure to ideas and best practices that you can apply to your own business
  • Stand apart from your competition and position your company as local industry leader
  • Create goodwill by supporting the local community and its economic development via ATP Cares
  • Company logo and link on website

Additionally, the Corporate Partner package includes:

  • Recognized as ATP Corporate Partner at all Monthly Events
  • Co-presenter privileges
  • Special events, exclusivity and more…

 ATP Corporate Partner – $15,000 (LIMITED)

  • This annual package is built with branding in mind. We offer a combination of events and marketing to achieve maximum alignment with your brand. Get the most value with premier advertising, exclusivity options, and special events. Become a Corporate Partner by meeting the above spend threshold from our Signature and Monthly Events.

ATP Platinum Sponsor – $12,000

ATP Gold Sponsor – $8,000

ATP Silver Sponsor – $4,000

  • These annual packages are designed for local companies and representatives. These options are best to introduce your company, products, and services to our group and build long-term relationships with potential customers. Become a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Sponsor by meeting the above spend thresholds from our Signature and Monthly Events.

ATP Individual Member – $150

  • This package is designed for professionals and business owners who would like to get involved in the technology community and recognized among our members in a cost-effective way. Your ATP membership allows you to register at the discounted member rate of $15 for all Monthly Events and allows you complimentary registration to TAG Field Trips.

ATP annual sponsorship recognition is based on a twelve-month rolling purchase total. 

A company will be recognized as an annual sponsor until the first of the month following the original purchase date that allowed you to reach an annual sponsorship threshold.

Additional purchases within a rolling twelve-month period may allow you to maintain or increase your annual sponsorship status and extend the expiration date.

“Pound for pound, the best networking you can get in the southeast.” Executive Advisory Board Member

“The best place to build stronger connections in the connections industry.” ATP Sponsor

“I came for the sales, but stayed for the friends.” ATP Sponsor