Reasons to Sponsor

The best way to convert prospective leads is to engage and demonstrate that you are the partner they need. And with hundreds of prospective leads at the event, there are so many reasons to sponsor!

Sponsors will build relationships with new and existing customers based on ATP’s particularly “relaxed face to face environment” and networking atmosphere. We’re committed to connecting you with the right people in a space designed to optimize relationship building.

By sponsoring the event, you will be exposed to 500+ professionals and 50+ companies in the tech industry that can increase your market share. And as a sponsor, you’ll be supporting the initiatives of ATP Cares to benefit the growth of Georgia’s youth through PowerMyLearning!

90% of Gala attendees found their experience valuable and would return again. “Advocate has formed new relationships by inviting prospects to attend the Gala as our guest!” – Scott Fogle, CEO