Celtic Testing Experts, Inc

Celtic Testing Experts can help you with your project-no matter what stage. Our core business is making your software QA SMARTER. Our experienced QA consultants can help you raise the QA bar within your organization.

With our CTE consultants on your team you will get highly skilled QA experts that bring more than just QA testing to the table. We bring QA thought leadership and help you test SMARTER while driving QA success. At CTE, we have consultants with QA management, automation, mobile, and performance testing knowledge as well as manual and functional testing.

Celtic Testing Experts believe that all IT Software Projects should Go Live with No Critical Defects – 100% of the Time. We accomplish this by deploying CTE’s QAConnect methodology which saves our clients’ time, improves their bottom line and makes QA processes 30 percent more efficient – all while maintaining Zero Critical Defects.

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