2018 ATP Gala Award Nomination

On November 1, 2018, ATP will recognize an extraordinary group of individuals for their innovation, leadership, and industry impact at the 15th Annual Awards Gala.  This year, we will be presenting 6 Awards to outstanding individuals at the VP level and above who have demonstrated the award criteria listed below.

ATP of the Year Award

The ATP of the Year award is given by the award committee to one recipient from the nomination pool.  The award will be granted to a technology company C-Level Executive who demonstrates exceptional characteristics in five categories: growth, leadership, innovation, collaboration, and community involvement.  They should represent a growing company that delivers value through sound business practices and innovative technology utilization to collaborate with their customers and vendors.  They should demonstrate a commitment to the communities they serve.  In the last year, they will have made a significant impact on the IT industry.

2018 ATP Gala Company Category Definitions

  • Startup is defined as a company that generates less than $20 million in annual revenue, has been in business five years or less, and employs fewer than 80 people.
  • SMB is defined as a company that generates less than $500 million in annual revenue.
  • Enterprise is defined as a company that generates $500 million or more in annual revenue.
  • Public Service is defined as a a company or foundation that delivers public services considered essential to the public interest.
  • Technology Service Provider is defined as a company that provides information technology products or services for end users. A Technology Service Provider company can also fit into Public Sector, Startup, SMB, or Enterprise depending on the size of the company.